Psychedelic Harm Reduction Resources

When you need to make a educated decision to take Magic Mushrooms. All the links below will help you research and prevent a bad trip. 

While the potential benefits of psychedelics are increasingly acknowledged, like with any activity or substance that affects perception, they come with risks and may be inappropriate or even dangerous for some people and in particular contexts. 

Educating yourself on the risks for psychedelics will help reduce the risk of harm and increase the likelihood for a beneficial experience.

General Points for Consideration

If you’re considering using psychedelics, it’s vital to educate yourself on responsible use as knowing the potential risks makes it easier to avoid them and to reduce their harmful effects. 

Psychedelic education can also help increase the safety of the overall community as it can inform you how to respond to somebody else who may be having a challenging time on psychedelics, or can help you best advise somebody who may be trying them for the first time. 

We’ve gone into more detail about these points below but some overall important consideration points for safe psychedelic use are:

  • The psychedelic experience is highly influenced by your mental landscape and physical environment (set and setting). Psychedelics are best taken in a positive headspace and comforting environment.

  • Having the support or guidance of a close friend or family member who has experience with psychedelics (a “trip-sitter”) during an experience can be of great benefit, especially for first-time users.

  • Integration from psychedelics is key to helping people better make sense of and learn from their experiences.

  • It’s strongly advised that people with psychosis or a predisposed to psychosis (having close family members with psychotic disorders) avoid psychedelic substances.

  • Buying psychedelic substances illegally increases the risk of these substances being adulterated or mis-sold. If you’re able to access testing kits we strongly recommend testing the purity for all drugs before taking them.

  • Although extremely rare, mixing certain psychedelics with antidepressants can increase the risk of serotonin syndrome – a potentially fatal medical condition – as such it’s important to be aware of the signs and symptoms in case this happens to you or anybody around.

General risks of risks from psychedelics can include:

  • Psychedelic crisis

  • Psychosis and other related long-term mental health issues

  • Hallucinogenic perception persistence disorder (HPPD)

  • Psychological addiction

  • Harmful drug interactions

  • Dangerous behaviors and engaging in dangerous situations during a trip

Follow the links below to learn more about specific substances, or read on for general harm reduction and key emergency response advice on psychedelics. 

These psychedelics harm-reduction guidelines are relevant to the majority of commonly used substances. .

First Experience

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