Beginner Magic Mushroom

Red Boy is a mushroom different from the normal magic mushrooms in that it drops reddish-coloured spores once their caps open. Been low in potency this mushroom is great for the beginner. Red Boy has low intensity visuals, seeing bright colours while still controlling the situation.

The Red Boy Magic Mushroom is known for its wide caps and meaty stems. It is an ”Old School” strain that was very popular in the 90s and many thought it was lost after almost disappearing.  Some say that it was ”resuscitated” by crossing an original ungerminated red boy spore and a cubensis from Puerto Rico. Red Boy is a beginner magic mushroom. A great place to research magic mushrooms is the Shroomery website. Effects of psilocybin vary person to person and from the mood and surroundings.

It is advisable when using magic mushrooms as a beginner to enjoy the trip with a sensible friend or tripsitter

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