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Below are a list of our most popular questions and answers. Please take a while to check here prior to contacting us by email.

All our orders are packed and dispatched with in 24 hours of us receiving your payment. You should let us know that payment has been sent by filling in the details on this page

Due to the nature of our products and services our payment options need to be as secure as possible for us and our customers. The preferred method of payment for everyones safety is Bitcoin, you can sign up for an account here

We ship all our orders recorded via Royal Mail, it is very rare you won’t receive it. Royal Mail strikes are causing slight delays so we ask if you wait at least 10 days before raising an issue with us. If our tracking shows a problem with the order we replace it straight away at no cost.

Our products are as fresh as they can be and at some times of the year sell out very fast, usually they come back to stock with in a week or so and if we know this then we allow orders to be placed on back order. If the product you want shows out of stock we have nothing due to us soon so please check back in a week or so to see if the status has changed.

Simply put the answer is NO, all magic mushrooms are placed in a dehydrator which removes 85 – 95% of the mushrooms water content. The shrooms will feel dry and a little greasy to the touch and if stored in an airtight jar out of direct sunlight should keep for a number of years. Placing a silica gel packet in side the jar will ensure any moisture that gets in will be absorbed keeping the magic mushrooms as fresh as possible.

On each product page we add as much detail as possible so you can purchase the shroom suited to the high or usage you are looking for. A dosage chart is also present as a suggested dose however dosage will vary depending on your build, mind set and other factors so please dose on the side of caution especially if your fist time. Research material is available on our PHR page

We ship inside the UK only

OK dont panic, this is a way to protect you and us and is a setting we have in place to restrict access to those who we can trust. Information in our shop is blocked until we grant you access. This is done by filling in our security form. Once we allow your details you will be able to browse the store at your leisure.

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