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Best Temperature to Keep Spawn Bags

How to Use Sterilised Grain Bags

You are at this article because you searched “Best Temperature to Keep Spawn Bags” well let us explain. Lets start from the beginning….

Sterilisation is key to everything mushroom growing, a single microscopic spore of bacteria can destroy months of planning, hard work and above all your high. Start by choosing an area that can be cleaned and sterilised easily before bringing your sterilised spore bag out for inoculation. Use sterilised gloves using isopropyl alcohol of 70%. To begin

  1. Wipe the injection port on the spore bag with an alcohol swab or spray directly with isopropyl
  2. Carefully attach the needle to the spore syringe and flame the needle until red hot, wait a little time to cool and wipe with an alcohol swab

Push the needle through the soft injection port at the bottom of the grain bag and inject 1 – 2 ml of spores. Pull back the needle without completely removing and angle the tip in a different direction, squeeze another 1 – 2 ml in to the bag. 4 – 5 ml of spores is recommended per bag

Best Temperature for Spawn Bag

Stand your inoculated spawn bag up and pull out the sides with out touch the white air vent to allow the bag to breath, now leave well alone n a warm dark spot of 75-77F or 23.8 – 25C.

Spawn bags colonize from the inside out so you will most likely not see any mycelium growth for 7 – 14 days. Spawn bags generate their own internal heat while colonising so the internal temperature of the bag is usually 3 -4 degrees warmer.

At around 14 days you will see that the mycelium is slowly spreading and white areas cover the grains. Check for black mould at this time to ensure no bacteria entered the bag at inoculation. Unfortunately if you see mould you will need to discard the spawn bag in the bin. Maintain the temp and the spawn bags will colonise all on their own. Be patience, dont open the bag or mess with it much apart from around 14 days mix up the grains to spread the mycelium around.

Let the bag colonise fully before moving to the next stage and growing on in the mono tub, this takes up to 60 days. The bag is ready when you have a solid white block of mycelium

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