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Golden Teacher – A Magic Mushroom of Knowledge

Golden Teacher Magic Mushroom

One of the most popular and best known magic mushroom is the Golden Teacher, but here is what you should know……….

More and more people now see the benefits of Magic Mushrooms for mental health relief and are taking to using them for medicinal purposes as well as recreational but strains become confusing. With so much to consider should I take Golden Teacher, B+, Penis Envy, South American etc etc is on most peoples minds. With most people lacking a degree in mycology it’s easy to understand why there are so many un answered questions.

Penis Envy vs. Golden Teacher

Choosing between Penis Envy vs Golden Teacher there are a few things to consider. Some people will claim that for strength Penis Envy is stronger however the way they are grown can be a contributing factor. have been taking and growing magic mushrooms in the UK for at least 15 years, along with our strict growing procedures we partner with some of the largest and most successful growers in the UK. By following such stringent procedures ensures the strains grow as in the wild (better in some cases) and potency is guaranteed.Both mushrooms are derived from Psilocybe cubensis and are very similar in growth requirements.

Probably the most noticeable difference between Penis Envy and Golden Teacher is their appearance. Penis Envy has been subject to years or even decades of selective breeding and now looks a lot different than it’s wild counterpart where as Golden Teacher look much more familiar to the Psilocybe cubensis growing in the wild.

B+ vs. Golden Teacher

These two varieties B+ and Golden Teachers share a number of similarities from growth requirements and potency.Both strains have a long and forgotten history going back way before the online community records of the late 1990s. B+ was rumoured to be a cross between Psilocybe cubensis and the wood loving Psilocybe azurescens but this is now considered a myth due to the genetic makeup and the unlikeliness of getting the two species to interbreed.


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